Friday, January 8, 2010

winter whites, not winter blues...

today i am grateful for...

cleaning out my closet. ooh girl, she was stuffed to the gills! all my poor clothes look so unloved and so unspecial. isn't that the worst? i'm trying to be good, and "shop my closet". so i dug out a few oldies, but goodies, from my white section.

peach lace
this sweet peach was found, i believe, in miss petria may's gorgeous, well-edited vintage store. i was 20 years old and had found her store via a vogue article. and i bought this on sale, and felt like i had gotten the golden ticket.

embroidery details
this baby with the puff sleeves came from a thrift store in upstate new york. run by a rather crotchety old lady. lovely store, stunning selection, but she was a mean old coot.

lacy collar and yoke
this careworn blouse i unearthed in a crammed rack at a musty, church thrift shop in the outskirts of connecticut? maybe new york? possibly massachusetts? i'm not exactly sure. same summer of 2005.

fanny blouse

pleat detail
and this one... ebay. she was a steal because of a few minor tears, and i snatched her up! a little tiny and small in the shoulders, but it will serve as great inspiration to work on my yoga... oh resolutions.

this summer, i may or may not be channeling miss fanny brawne on my days off. maybe this will be my hot weather style cure-all, once i am forced to retire my sequins for the season. white, lacy garments and outrageous hats. and covered in butterflies. chelsea cook and i are gonna build butterfly homes in our bedrooms.

****peter hale cooney III, if you are reading this, do not laugh! you might want to dress like her too, after you see this movie ; ) and maybe you, me and chelsea can revise and re-do the lunar moth project...******


The Cat and The Cow said...

WOW! These are all so amazing and I want them all!!!

I especially love the ebay blouse and the darling puff sleeve sold to you by the old grouch!

I know exactly what you mean. My closet is a jam-packed disaster and my poor clothes need some quality time

Sophie said...

really really nice pictures! i want the peachy lace top at the top! everytime i clean out my closet, I always go to overboard and am left with next to nothing.
ttfn, sophie xx

JC said...

PS: What beeeeyooooteeeeeffuuull blouses!! I want a sneak peak of your full closet though! What other amazing goodies do you have hidden away?

Emerson Merrick said...

Gah, that ebay one is so perfect.

Peter Hale Cooney III said...

I think that sounds divine! You have a wonderful eye and I would never (/and or only on occasion) second guess your style judgements!

As for the Lunar Moths, next time we'll put a lid on their enclosure... after all they can fly haha!


This Photographer's Life said...

Beautiful pictures, as usual... It just snowed in Atlanta. You would have loved it, but you get it all the time :)

Clare said...

Wow you have such a beautiful collection of lacey wonders. Very jealous!

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