Friday, January 22, 2010

return to sender...

today i am grateful for...

flowers stamp

stumbling upon the champion stamp site, whilst looking for valentines stamps! where was this website when i was searching high and low for stamps for my wedding invitations?! grief, the petty breakdowns i had last spring over the poor showing in the "wedding stamp" department of the usps. this was pre- adorable king and queen love stamp.

this website's vintage archive is pretty fantastic. and i think i've heard multiple friends resolve to write more letters in lieu of sending cold, intangible emails. and honestly, who doesn't appreciate the jazzy little details? well y'all, champion stamp is the answer to all your postage stamp needs.

southern flowering trees

colonial stamp

folk art quilt stamp

little women stamp

there are so many that i want, that i am having a hard time staying focused on the task at hand.

and not only am i an admitted collector, but i like to collect things for others. because i am just that sick. a true, blue textbook hoarder. someone should submit my name to that show.

haylie stamp

girlscout stamp

afton amelia earhart

bearded stamp

i found the waring sisters stamps.

love rose stamp

and the chelsea rose cook stamps.

horses stamp

and the peter hale cooney III stamps.

butterfly stamp john

and the john gardner stamps.

amy merrick garden stamp

and the amy merrick stamps.

jc cat stamp

it really is a neat, neat site. i loved scrolling down the vintage archive, witnessing years and years of stamp graphics evolve over time. if you don't live in new york, and can't visit the brick and mortar shop, you can absolutely get your fix via their website. and YAY to no more fretting over stamp decisions for any given holiday-this place has got you covered!

*p.s if this is old news to y'all, i'm sorry. i just discovered it tonight and felt like sharing.


katielizabeth said...

This is completely off subject, sorry about that, but I just watched this again tonight, and had to ask, you have see "Miss Henderson Presents" right? I just loved it, an thought that you would too. It is the perfect blend of sadness, scandal, and wonderful fashion.

Charlotte K said...

I love these!

The "camp fire girls" stamp is one of the first stamps I remember seeing. They were still around in '64 or '65 when I was in the Brownies and I remember being so mad that we didn't have a stamp!

Emerson Merrick said...

Holy crap. Those are amazing.

It says they have a retail store on 54th street. Pilgrimage, much?

"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

i know! i thought about keeping this place a secret long enough to round up stamps for everyone, but then i realized this place was too awesome to be tight-lipped about!

kristin elena. said...

i color correct stamps for web/catalog where i work, and let me tell you it would be alot more fun/exciting if i got to work w/ these little darlings. i mostly just see old dead presidents.

John G said...

I love my stamps!!! THANK YOU!

Jay said...

O, I love all of them!! But especially those sweet kitties... if I had a whole pack of them, I'd write tons and tons of letters! I know I would!

You need to put together a store field trip!

"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

i totally agree. i will coordinate with my pay day, and send a mass email!

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