Friday, January 8, 2010

green cleaning...

today i am grateful for...

removing the last lingering holiday decorations. so long christmas tree and wreaths. farewell confetti and putz houses. bye bye festive garlands and snowflakes.

green cleaning
after sweeping up the mounds of pine needles and glitter, i whipped out some basic cleaning agents. baking soda. vinegar. coffee filters. and an old shoe polish toothbrush. easy peasy.

golden wedding bottle
here is an old bottle belonging to ed's grandfather. over christmas vacation, we all drew numbers and got to go around in a circle and select treasures from his basement. we took this little guy home. it says "golden wedding". and it's a whiskey bottle. a little she, and a little him.

as a reward for my day of deep cleaning, eddie bought me flowers from my favorite park slope flower shop. this is an old enamel coffee percolator from my collection of enamelware. and i love me some ranunculus, especially these ladylike pink and white babies.

billy buttons
and a bundle of billy buttons. i wanted to try and plant some daffodil or amaryllis bulbs... but apparently it is too late in new york! everyone is just plain sold out. and no paperwhites to be seen either! oh well. maybe i will try and plant some heliotrope seeds...

i am hoping this clean sweep will make sticking to #19 on my list, a wee bit easier.


Maddy said...

Everything is so pretty! I'm jealous.

rüya tabirleri said...

Everything is so pretty! I'm jealous.

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