Wednesday, January 27, 2010

tied up with string...

bakers twine 2

since embroidering my wedding quilt, i have been re-discovering my hefty stock of embroidery floss. oodles. also, since i am a crazy saver, i realized i have an abundance of random loose threads and bits. i was this close to tossing them, since they weren't really long enough to do much with... but then i thought of something.

maybe i could make my own baker's twine! i don't have any, and i remembered a super easy technique we learned in a fibers class at SCAD.

twine closeup
mmm yummy valentine's colors.

1. take two pieces of embroidery floss( about 3 feet or longer) and tie two knots, one at each end.
2. tie one end to a doorknob, or a table leg, or anything secure.
3. twist the two strands together and watch the candy cane swirl appear.
4. i twist mine extra tight, so that the twine starts to curl up on itself. i find once i untie the final piece that some of the tension unwinds. if the strand has extra twist, it will settle once untied.
5. once you've untied your baker's twine, wrap around a piece of cardboard or an old bobbin- et voila!

bakers twine 1

*i've had a hard time making especially long twine. i can only make a strand suitable for tying on tags or small parcels or treats.

i also googled some alternative methods, and other gals who have made their own. try here and here, for some more inspiration!


Moodboard said...

so cute!

*L said...

i've been looking for baker's twine at hardware stores and hello? this is way easier! thanks lady.

Molly said...

this is a great idea and i love your floss cards! thank you for linking my baker's twine(ish) tutorial.

"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

molly: of course! i always try and give credit, where credit is due!

Charissa - The Gifted Blog said...

I love that you can customize your colors that way. Did you want to make a friendship bracelet while you were at it?

thimble said...

i loved this post!
linked to it on my blog


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