Tuesday, January 26, 2010


today i am grateful for...

the glorious showing of vintage valentines at both the brooklyn flea and the americana & antiques fair.

i snagged this ovenex heart pan and loaded up on sweet 1920s cards. it was hard to even leave some behind-i swear i could have found good homes for them all!

heart full of valentines
the entire loot

valentine greeting

belle valentine
the poppy and bluebelle valentines.

valentine greetings
a little red headed cutie

i specs valentine

you're the only one i see
winner of "most clever" valentine.

oh deer valentine

i'm a deer valentine
my darling dear

little girl with suitcase
such a stylish lil' lady

and whilst rummaging through piles and piles, i found one that pulled on every heartstring of mine...

sweetest peach
two georgia peaches, sittin' in a tree...

and ed's! he even happily handed over a few bills to the nice lady-with a smile and everything! although after a few more laps around the flea, and one down payment on an old shoe factory trolley, he was practically dragging me out by my ear. oh true love and marriage ;)


Kathleen said...

These are amazing! I love the glasses one especially. I'm impressed you manage to only bring home this many -- I'm sure there were tons calling your name! these are all so sweet. I need to get myself to a flea market stat!

natalie said...

I love these! I too was at the Brooklyn Flea, and had taken a fancy to all these sweet cards! For Valentine's day, I have a large assortment of 1920's lingerie you would love! Take a sneek peek at my project : http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1151007 .

Tiffany and Christina said...

What precious finds! I'll have to stop by the flea this weekend!

Krista Beth said...

Beautiful. Poor Marky is in the same boat as Ed. If I come home with one more chair or chandelier I don't know what he'll do.

BlondeShot Creative said...

love these! great finds. I just ordered some from Etsy and can't wait to get them.

Jay said...

As a big ol' four-eyes who also has a big ol' four-eyed beau, that "specs" card just SLAYS me. You find the best stuff!

abigail said...

oh these are sooo sweet ginny. i love it. xxo

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