Wednesday, July 30, 2008

baby's black balloon makes her fly...30 july 2008 gratitudes

i'm absolutely in love with the company that i work for. smitten. all i ever want is for us all to be in a room with our dancin' shoes on. and it was a night when everyone, corporate and shopfolks came out to celebrate the legendary peter hale cooney III. store clients and fantastic friends from school brought the house down.

1. kanako came over to our hot sweatshop of an apartment while pete prepped for his night. nothing tickles me more than hearing her giggle with pete.

2. pete's flair for accessorizing. he covered every base. rhinestone choker. fedora with feather. strappy motorcycle boots. crystal brick bracelet. wooden ring. black organza cape. his last big evening of excess...i think he went out with a bang!

3. pete's bundle of black balloons. all clustered in one of the shower stalls, it looked like a naughty junior high dance. i felt like it should have been called the "7 minutes in Heaven" room. unfortunately i didn't see anyone kissin'

4. lauren gray weinerth's forever 21 jumper and my forever 21 shoes. we are quite a pair. you can take the girls out of the south... so shameful.

5. lauren taking such good care of me. quoting a league of their own, girl interrupted, and fried green tomatoes to help bring me back to neutral. she is going to be such a good mother.

6. breakfast at clinton street baking company with lauren. hands down the best pancakes in town. biscuits. cheese grits. bacon. black coffee. nothing feels better after a night out dancing, than a proper southern breakfast with a sweet girl making you laugh the morning away.

7. pete cooney. lauren gray weinerth. sarah meyer. grainne belluomo. adrian muniz. john gardner. kanako tagawa. abby hassler. lexie zawaski. joey kuhn. max shimizu-jones. joie. lauren demith. haley seidel. jon lynn. james corrigan. alex. hadarrah moore. tremaine emory.vaughn vance. kieran mulcare. daniel vosovic. brendan coleman. blake nebel. matt perfediou. chris. cory. monique horton. linda bendak. chico clark. andrew weyer. alex weyer. asia. bryan. matthew christian. bernardo sanchez. ray dejesus. susie farhandi. paul sanford. christine cho. meghan oconnor. reed putlitz. chris gelinas. waylon watts. delvin.

a night i hope pete cooney never forgets. he is one loved boy. i couldn't stop smiling at how special all of these dear people made pete feel. and i am so glad he was born.


thedirtyknitter said...

have you read "red leather diary" by lily koppel. am reading it now and every entry of florence's reminds me of your journaling. i love it - you two are kindred.

"hi, i'm ginny branch and i love love." said...

oh it sounds amazing. i'm ordering it right now!

Anouck said...

I don t know if you remember me but I came once by the MJ store with Anna!I'm her friend photographer... I felt in love with your head bangs remember remember???? Welllll... I can t stop thinking about them but that day I remember I asked you your email address and I wrote it down on a piece of paper. I never do that because I always end up loosing the pieces of papers!!! I have no idea where I put this little piece of paper of course. But it's been driving me crazy. So I remember you had a blog and here is it finally!!! I'm so sad because I'm shooting for Nylon japan tomorrow and I wanted to borrow so bad a few piece to use for the shoot! But I guess it s too late now.
Please send me an email with your info to file it and keep in touch with you for my other shoots.
Hope you are fine!???

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