Tuesday, July 15, 2008

when it is dark enough, you can see the stars...15 july 2008 gratitudes

all is quiet on the west village front. everyone flees for the summer. gee, i wonder why...

which is all the more reason for me to spend the summer collecting, researching, improving, reflecting, growing. i hope, come fall, i will be a little closer to the goal of why i moved to new york in the first place. so here is my tally of good thoughts for the day.

1. woke up again, early early early, to work on my fitness this morning. it's the best way to start the day and i can see why every health guru suggests it. i feel so energetic and motivated afterwards, high from the endorphins i suppose.

2. ate a carton of blackberries. i could have had two more, at least. amy merrick's recent post has made me yearn for berry picking season. it tastes like summer and childhood to me.

3. came home to find a package waiting for me, "for the love of light" a tribute to the art of polaroid. i bought a sx-70 land camera a little while ago, but i'm afraid the shutter is broken. i want to try and take it to B&H photo to see if they can save her. anyway, this book is so fantastic and utterly charming. everyone should pick up their own copy.

4. worked with kristen today. she makes me laugh. she is one of the funniest, sharpest girls i know. she is so quick witted and man, can she banter with the best of them. my store is full of comedians. i just laugh. i can't keep up.

5. watched some of maximilla lukacs' films on youtube. i am fascinated with sarah sophie flicker, karen elson, and maximilla. i just love creative young females. i mean, they are enchanting. i would give anything to go to a citizen's band performance.

6. researched thaumatropes. one christmas when i was a child, my mother gave me a pack of french thaumatropes. she always included sophisticated little antique toys in our stockings. i love old parlour tricks and games. joseph cornell took that idea and made his own. lovely. if only i had a more technical, engineering kind of brain. oh the toys i would make!

7. i saw sid vicious, my favorite french bulldog in the west village. he is all grown up! puppies and children develop at warp speed it seems. blink and they grow up. time is a funny, deceptive little thing.

8. daydreamt. a lot. the days are long and quiet so there is time to fantasize and dreamchase while folding cardigans and spacing hangers. i have an itchy hand that wishes i could get away with drawing during the slow moments. but alas...an idle hand is the devil's playground.

tomorrow is my day off. i can't wait to play.


stephanie alaine said...

you are so utterly inspiring it makes me want to sparkle from every pore.

rochambeau said...

Found your blog through Ulla.
I like your style!


Marcheline said...

That was a thaumotrope in "Sleepy Hollow", wasn't it? The one that Johnny Depp kept in his breast pocket?

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