Tuesday, July 29, 2008

love will carry me away...29 july 2008 gratitudes

i feel like my heart is so full that i could fly away into the sky. look for me. the girl with grey hair and hearts in her eyes.

1. grainne and her mother's kindness. they have touched so many hearts in these last few days...and the best is yet to come. i'm at a loss for words.

2. maddy's phone call to tell me that she is getting married! i have so many dear friends who have found the loves of their lives. i wish this for every friend of mine. i want everyone to be in love and cared for the way they deserve. there really is nothing better.

3. spoke to sachi, one of my favorite SCAD professors. she took such care of me in college. without her and john, i would never have survived. teachers and mothers, two of the hardest jobs in the world. maybe one day i will be one...hopefully both.

4. the phrase, "you reap, what you sow". i've heard it quite a bit lately. i think i should chant it quietly to myself this next month.

5. pete's birthday extravaganza tonight. i'm about to fix myself up really nice for his party at happy endings. i can't wait to dance and laugh and see faces of the dear people who i adore with all my heart.

i am constantly amazed by humanity. how people chorale to make dreams come true. another beloved teacher encouraged her students to "disturb the universe". i love that.


dez.fair said...

hi, ginny branch. we never actual met in savannah, but i noticed you and my new style was inspired in part because you. just thought you should know. (^_^)

deryik said...

did u know that the second graffiti is on the wall that marks the israel-palestine border? i got a postcard of that graffiti and reminds me of those protesters blowing bubbles to the policemen. or the guy with shopping bags standing in front of a tank... i just love how some people demand peace in their own ways.

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