Thursday, July 24, 2008

fall into into some mischief...23 july gratitudes

1. went back to work after a week sick leave. saw my sweet girls that i work with. they kept me laughing during the day.

2. we received a new antique display case for the store and had to brainstorm a spot for it, given a set of placement restrictions by the president of the company. i love when we are given a project like this. it feels like solving a jigsaw puzzle. whenever we can have a task during these slow summer days, it is much appreciated.

3. at the end of the day i was sent over to the little marc store, where i happily closed the day with chelsea. she let me be her assistant and help re-cover the jewelry cases. she is so technically skilled with the best craftsmanship.

4. my netflix movies came! i watched another czech new wave film, daisies. these films are so bizarre, but beautiful if watched through a camera lens.

5. watched the thunderstorm through my bedroom window with pete. the sky lit up shades of purple and mauve and the lightening cracked like a glittery whip slicing through the clouds. i kept cheering for more thunder. i love loud claps of thunder that make you jump a little.

6. i made a to-do list and crossed off every item. very rare for this free spirit, but goodness it felt empowering!


Missa said...

Ooh, this film looks intrigueing. Love the shot of the girl in the green dress in front of the blue door!

Aren't thunderstorms amazing to watch?! Best one I ever saw was from my bed in the loft of the lil' cabin in the woods I lived in at the time. Everything would go from black to seeing the whole redwood forest lit up for an instant outside my window, then the shaking thunder would follow. One of those experiences I'll always remember!

Fredrika said...

Hi, your blog looks cool!

Do you by any chance work in the Marc Jacobs store in SoHo? I saw your comment on a swedish girl named niotillfem's blog. She's amazing!

"hi, i'm ginny branch and i love love." said...

i work at the store in the west village. marc jacobs collection accessories on bank and west 4th st. come see me!

NITRO said...

arent you special!


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