Monday, July 21, 2008

my life is like divided, into kissing...and not kissing 21 july 2008 gratitudes

thank the heavens for the gift of my so-called life. the whole season on dvd.

watch it here for one of my favorite scenes.

here's why i am grateful for this show.

1. more plaid styling combinations than you can shake a fist at. this aired at the same time marc jacobs launched his first grunge collection. amazing.

2. claire danes and her manic panic "crimson glow" red hair.

3. the way they captured teenage angst and "real issues".

4. the word "like". always excessive and always perfect.

5. jordan catalano. he should have been number one on this list.

6. the soundtrack...the cardigans, buffalo tom, r.e.m, and the violent femmes to name a few.

7. rayanne's outfits, hairstyles, and saucy comments.

8. how this show is an incredible 90s time capsule. but in the most non-hollywood, non glossy portrayal.

9. the quotability factor. such dry and clever humor.

i've been obsessed with this show since 1994 and i still reference it way too much. i met jared leto on the streets of new york in 1997 and took a photo with him. that i still carry in my wallet. like a stalker. he was so achingly beautiful, it hurt to look at him.


Missa said...

How funny, I hadn't even seen this post yet when I was leaving the related comment on your previous post! Definitely a favorite show of all time :)

"hi, i'm ginny branch and i love love." said...

i just looked at her blog! i could faint everytime i see this scene. this episode. this show. i lived for the moment where he held her hand and everyone watched.

this show is magic.

hayliebird said...

i love this show! i remember it from when we were young, but i never really watched it. not until i moved to philly this winter & it became my escape from the cold and from this dark & dirty city (thanks to you, i never would have started watching if you didn't reference this show a million times since i met you!). every friday night this winter i would come home from work, bundle up, & sit in my bed to watch the newest episode on i fell in love. with angela, with jordan, with rickie & rayanne. it all took me back to a place and time that i love to remember, except it isn't high school for me, but jr. high. i love it, i love it, i love it. i was so sad when removed it from their website, but hopefully by this next winter i will own the dvd boxed set. it's already on my birthday wishlist because i miss it so much.
p.s. you made the best angela chase for halloween 2005, i think you should have posted a picture of that!

Meg said...

as soon as I saw the screen shot, I thought "my so-called life", I loved that show beyond belief. Jared Leto - circa 1995 - too beautiful for words...

kate said...

oh, my. it's true: this show IS magic. it so perfectly captures a moment, a feeling, a time... it transports you in a bittersweet kind of way.

heidi said...

The writing was superb on that show. And the last 10 mins of the last episode were amazing. It stays with me, still.

Anonymous said...

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Marcheline said...

Okay... when are you going to post the pic of you and Jared Leto?




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