Saturday, July 12, 2008

hope on a rope...12 july 2008 gratitudes

the days are long here in new york city...
when things are hard, surround yourself with inspiring people, art, film, fashion, objects...whatever it takes.
eliminate the bad and collect the good.
life is too short and this city is too full of opportunity to fret the small stuff.

1. i discovered the odd czech new wave film, valerie and her week of wonders. visually, i would liken it to the virgin suicides. the cinematography is dreamy and soft and bewitching. the content, however, is bizarre and kind of sexually deranged. the film has been likened to a cross breed of alice and wonderland and little red riding hood. it's also a little rocky horror picture show. in my humble opinion. watch this movie through the eyes of a camera and snap pictures the whole way. and be sure to cringe and bear it through the uncomfortable sexual undercurrent.

2. found a place in my room for nikki's birthday card to me. she is my little sister that i always wanted. pete, chelsea, and i wish we could fast forward through some years so we can all be artists and designers together in new york. there has never been a young girl whose future is so bright that it is palpable. chelsea, pete, and i all agree how we wish we could have been so driven and talented at her age. she is destined for greatness.

3. finally found a tim walker book of photography for a cheap price on amazon! i am painfully obsessed with his whimsical photography. it literally makes me ache when i see it. i was often criticized in design school for my sweet, childlike style of design, that it was too thematic. well, i like what i like, and so does tim. i'm a kidult at heart.

4. saw julie arkell's darling paper mache sculptures at the john derian store. her work is so detailed and tiny and obsessive. it amazes me when artist's can be so myopic(in a good way). she continues to inspire me. and have you seen what she looks like? total chelsea cook/ginny branch fusion. sincerely.

5. bought the book dirty wow wow and other love stories. this book documents childhood companions in the forms of beloved stuffed animals, dolls, blankets, and pillows. each character comes with its own tale. maybe one day, i will tell my tale of claire and baby claire, my treasured rag dolls of my youth. until then...

6. was introduced to the happiness project. it is changing my life a little, day by day. i try and look at it in the morning and before i go to bed. everyone deserves to be happy but i think most don't believe it. or maybe they forget. it should be everyone's number one priority. it should be pursued, discovered, released, retrieved, owned, given, and received. never let anyone take it away from you. hold it dear to your heart and never apologize for it. ever. it is yours for keeps.


teenfashionista said...

I adore this blog and find it impossible to read it without an enormous dreamy smile spreading across on my face. Thank you for bringing such charm to the city!

nice-etc said...

hello again! i was blog reading and stumbled upon this
and thought of you..have you seen it?
<3 caitlin

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