Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"its the little things..."2 july 2008 gratitudes

1. had a fortuitous day in the editorial world. the new issue of milk magazine arrived at my local newsstand and i also remembered to check out the summer 08 issue of small magazine (an online publication). i couldn't believe the image reading" i could sail away for a year and a day". year and a day is the name of chelsea and my (future) design label. because we were born a year and a day apart. it just seemed like some sort of sign...

2. received the sweetest note and box of cupcakes (one magnolia, the other vegan) from nicole, "coco", my darling neighborhood nanny. i love this girl and i will miss seeing her bounce down the street, chasing after little cosimo in chiffon-y print dresses. or in buttercream jeans with a paper-thin nude racerback tank (cute bras often showing, tastefully, like a lovely layer peeking through). the lopez clan is leaving me for the summer and i'm already going through withdrawal.

3. my sweet client, danielle came in and invited me to go to another gallery opening at the new museum. i adore this girl, and it always brightens my day when she comes in with her sweet dog, anouck.

4. saw sidewalk chalk art outside of my apartment. as a child, i used to love spending summers in the driveway of my house, drawing with chalk; playing with my skipit; or playing a game of horse with a basketball and my dad. i miss being a little girl. living in georgia. with nothing to worry about but skinned knees and mosquito bites.

5. heard the song "beautiful boy(darling boy)" by john lennon. i heard it today and knew instantly that it will be the song i will sing to my son, when i first hold him in the hospital. the first time my father ever held me, after the doctor handed me to him, he sang "the twelfth of never" by johnny mathis. and he sang it to me every night as a little girl. i've always wondered what songs i will sing to my children and i know this will be one. it is one of the sweetest songs i've ever heard. and it gives me goosebumps.

6. saw one l'argent de poche, or "small change". i love me a good french coming-of-age film.

7. saw little grace, one of my favorite west village darlings. she is all freckled and adorable. she and her brother were headed to the park, complete with sticky lollipops. i had to make her stop and photograph her. i have never seen more adorable little ones than the darlings in the west village. i mean, they can brighten up any day. we have these really low (child's height) windows, where certain sweetpeas (harry, grace, henry, and cosi) will sneak up; noses pressed to the glass; and wait, til i turn around. without fail i will be greeted by a squeal of delight and a giant grin. good lord i'm lucky.

8. had dinner with my sweet corrie pellerin. my college roomate, dear friend, and future bridesmaid. we love to laugh and self-deprecate and justify "eating our feelings". that girl can make me laugh and i'm so lucky to have her in my life. she is such a good listener and has such a kind, good heart. i have the best friends in the whole world.

ed corrie kristie rankin jessica chelsea pete amy cynthia lauren haynes haylie katie bethany mollie frances my mom my dad my sisters. i keep some good company. i am so lucky to have these people in my life, thinking good thoughts for me. i hope everything good comes back to them tenfold. and i know it will.


dayna said...

Beautiful post! Grace is such a cutie!!

dayna desastre

Amy Elizabeth said...


little gypsy. said...

your writing makes me feel like i'm floating on candy + moonbeams.

thank you.

hayliebird said...

you are good at making me cry. i miss you so. i really really want to set aside a weekend with you this month- can we please? even if its just a fri & sat night. anything will make me happy. i wanna talk wedding talk & catch up with you.

Kirtida Sundari said...

Auwww...cupcakes. I have the recipe for magnolias vanilla cupcakes.
I wonder where I can get a good vegan recipe so I can make some for my boyfriend.

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