Wednesday, March 2, 2011

whole-istic living...

lucile prache 1

lucile prache 2

lucile prache drawings found via {frolic!}

i feel like i've been mighty neglectful around these here parts lately. well... truthfully, i'm not home as much as i used to. over the years i wildly abandoned any shred of a healthy lifestyle and now, in the words of lesley graham, i am rebuilding my temple. i normally don't like to discuss health and nutrition because i find it to be an incredibly sensitive topic. i just feel like i should 'splain why i've been a little absent and it's because i've turned my focus toward restoring a healthy lifestyle. i promise i won't turn this into a soapbox for diets and fitness or anything preachy and crazy! working on balancing all aspects of my life, so i promise i'll be more present :) thanks for listening to me explain myself.


Alesya said...

How fantastic for you! Of course, I miss the posts, but this is very important business. Hope you're feeling fab!

homemade grits said...

aw yay! this makes me so happy. here's a virtual high five! i am pretty sure that i fall in the preachy category as of late. i just can't help myself.

can't wait to hear about the farm volunteering. always wanted to do that!

A Flourishing Perspective said...

Aww! That's wonderful! I've been eating well and healthier since the start of the year, and also exercising--I feel great!

These watercolours are beautiful, and though a bit off topic: I have been dreaming of Summer and our garden and looking forward to watercolouring fruits and vegetables!

Yay, for healthy eating:)


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