Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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foodie books 2

foodie books

grace just posted the newest book cover geniusness from the oh-so-talented coralie bickford- smith and i had to repost over here. if you fell in love with her cloth-bound interpretations of the literature greats, then you will definitely swoon over her newest series! the books all represent various decorative ceramic styles from the time period they were written. i don't just want, but i NEED to have the entire series. i have been devouring(no pun intended) all sorts of foodie books, and these are so just so spectacularly beautiful! here are two other places to read more about the series.


mlle.emma said...

These are super!

Vanessa said...

These must be mine, food/cooking memoirs being one of my favorite genres of books! They're splendid. Love the concept behind the covers.

Kait said...

Wow these covers are gorgeous!

Toni said...

Very nice. They remind me of the German book series "Insel":

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