Tuesday, March 15, 2011


these are my favorite warm weather shoes and i'm so thrilled madewell is stocking up! in an ideal world, i would have 5 classic laced pairs in white that i would just rotate through all season long. i love that these are the french-y equivalent to america's converse. i've actually never owned a single pair of chuck taylors... not even in art school-ha! something about these are just right.

*also, madewell is featuring a cheeky q&a with alexa...

*p.s i cannot, however, get down with the birkenstocks that madewell is peddling. nuh uh, no way. what's next, tevas????


Jenny said...

got some laced ones in gray, looooove them. I would like some slip ons.

Anonymous said...

I have to ask- do your bensimon soles get holes in them super fast? I adored my navy blue pair last summer and wore them to walk the dog (maybe a mile or so) several times a week. I got holes within a few weeks and wondered if it was a fluke or if the soles were just too soft for my pavement-pounding feet. :)

And by the way, your shopping guides/recommendations are so useful and lovely-- your archives are a go-to when I'm shopping for birthday presents.

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