Sunday, March 20, 2011

humble fieldguides...

humble fieldguides
photo italian vogue 2008 via 42nd and orange

i have a new love in my life... love is love farm, that is. i started volunteering a few weeks ago and am learning so, so many new and wonderful things about organic farming, food, and the innerworkings of nature. unfortunately i maybe, might have overestimated my body and sprained a ligament in my back... overzealous hoeing, perhaps? this last week i have been laid up on the sofa, completely useless, devouring any and all books on organic farming, biodynamics, primitive skills, and slow food culture. this coupled with some chiropractic sessions have been my roadmap to recovery(aaaand some solid modern medicine). here are a few samples of readings that i have been enjoying thoroughly, and i would love suggestions if y'all have any!

*the foxfire series: appalachian survival skills at its finest! takes place not too far away from my childhood lakehouse. here is amy's glimpse into their world and i'm sure it will catch you hook, line, and sinker.

*in defense of food: michael pollan certainly makes a convincing case for a plant-based diet. holy smokes. everyone has been teasing me for all of the "vegetarian propaganda" i've been immersing myself in, but i find it fascinating and can't believe it took me this long to read some of his work.

*the dirty life: the story of a writer in new york city who falls in love with a farmer and rebuilds a new life with him on a fledgling piece of land upstate.
*the last american man: eustace conway. read about him. no words i can write could describe him fairly, so research this man. he is truly a marvel to behold.


Hannah B. said...

Google River Cottage. I started out with the River Cottage Family Cookbook and also have the River Cottage cookbook. The stories, information and styling of the photos make them just the right books to browse while sitting on your front porch sipping lemonade. I've gotten so many ideas from them! River Cottage is in England and apparently there's a television show to go along with it. Anywho, the web address is:
xo~ Hannah B.

Jenny said...

ahh! Foxfire!!! My grandma had the whole set. I wonder what happened to them after she passed away...

Eleni said...

Oh, I am aching for a garden! I got myself The Foxfire Book after I read about it on Amy's blog, and I keep getting my boyfriend to read out the quotes for me - he's a Georgia boy himself and he does the accent so much better than me :)

Oh yes, and I definitely agree with Hannah B - get into The River Cottage! The chef's name is Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and he quit city life to start a farm. His recpies are always amazing and he's a brilliant activist - see for his free-range supermarket chicken campaign, or his latest efforts towards sustainable fishing practise at

He's a proper national treasure :)

Krista said...

There is a lot to be said for a vegetarian diet. Read Diet for a New America and The Face on Your Plate.

homemade grits said...

i'm reading the omnivore's dilemma right now, but feel like i should have started with in defense of food (it's much smaller:)).
love that you are working at gaia farms! joe and judith are so great!

are brains are on the same wavelength right now. sam says i'm a hippy. i think he's right.

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