Friday, March 25, 2011

rustic american...

rustic american

rustic american 2
photos courtesy of randy harris for the NYT and the selby

the new york times has two great articles about american rustic style. this is hands-down, my favorite kind of interior styling and i have loved the home of kenyan and grace ever since i first saw their home spotlighted on the selby. and i love when kenyan(also a prop master) describes his affinity for antiques and vintage but says the bus stops at the 1950s. i can't get into those interiors either, for me and my home. i dig it for other people, but for me mid-century and beyond feels inauthentic and disingenuous if i tried to incorporate it into my home. although, i must admit my home would be a little more 1920s-30s flappery dressing room if i wasn't married to a man who doesn't want to live in shug avery's boudoir.

anyway early 20th century style rocks my socks off- dust, rust, and all.


Fritzi Marie said...

I love this. Did you see Butch Anthony's feature on Etsy? YOU would love his home.

I'm having a giveaway of one of his pieces too on my blog. I'm sorry to say that on here but I think you will love him.

Fritzi Marie

Eleni said...

These rooms are beautiful! I absolutely love this style, too, even though I am really nothing like a rustic American myself :)

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