Monday, November 16, 2009

pockets of goodness...

today i am grateful for...

little bits that make me smile.

cotton for me

stalks of cotton readily available at neighboring bodegas. reminds me of georgia.

flowers from eddie

when eddie buys me flowers. brightens little corners of our home


mini dice

an old paintbrush and a pair of mini dice.

room decor

tackling the blank walls of my tiny studio room.

oh, and reading the little house on the prairie book series.


Blayne Beacham said...

I love the doll legs!

catherine_sr. said...

I love these photos! The glimpses into your studio are really sweet and inspiring. I adore the Little House series, too -- they are my "emergency books" for whenever I am feeling down.
The Renegade Bean

Heather of Heat Storm said...

lovely vintage feel photos! the baby legs are a little creepy though.... <3

hayliebird said...

what beautiful bits and pieces that fill your life!! i love to look at all of your goodies. one day you must open your house up like a museum, charge .50 cents a head to come in and ogle at your belongings. i think that's what i'll do when i am old and lonely. and with cats at my feet, i will welcome my visitors. i hope you will come. i won't charge you, of course!

camille said...

Everything here is oh so loverly.


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