Monday, October 13, 2008

a woman's work is never done...13 october 2008 gratitudes

1. slept in very, very late after a long weekend of fighting a nagging cold. i love sleeping in and given the opportunity i probably could sleep an entire weekend away.

2. began journaling again. i've been collecting old ledgers since college and i found two delightfully delapidated little numbers at the flea market. three inspiring girls have rekindled my desire to keep an art journal/sketchbook/scrapbook.

...lauren treece
...keri-anne of gingerlillytea
...tiger lily

i have loads of dusty old tomes just waiting to be collaged and scribbled and painted and sewn and glued! its high time these tiny fingers of mine remember why they are here in new york!

3. played around with colors to paint my very white apartment. i need a lovely pale shade of mauve for my bedroom that won't make it look like a nursery and a lovely shade of greige for my living room that won't make it look like an assisted living facility.

4. received a sweet blog award from the enchanting mila of one of my most favorite blogs, loveology. i wish i knew how to re-post the award and continue the daisy-chain of appreciation for others. i really am a dunce when it comes to computers. i didn't grow up in a household with computers, so it's kind of amazing i figured out how to even have a blog.

5. practiced my home-making skills while listening to a collection of 1920s jazz singers. i cleaned the apartment, grocery shopped, and organized my bedroom. i'm trying to find a home for all of my treasures and curiosities and it is certainly a challenge! my home smells like a mix of red currant, french lavender, and pine-sol, depending on where i am in the apartment.

6. lined up my collection of funny shoes. lately i have been drawn to ridiculous numbers that i would have worn in junior high. my friends think i have lost my mind, and my taste level...which is entirely possible. i really do love clothing that has a playful sense of humor to it.


Mila said...

Hi sweetheart!!
No problem you don't know how to do the tag, hun! :)
it's very simple: just save the image of the award (or just cope-paste it from my blog), post it on your blog and name 7 blogs you love and link them. And of course let them know you gave them the award!

Or was this not the problem?
Let me know and i'll help you!

Another lovely post by the way...yeah, get creative and show us some of your nice work! ;)

Have a great day..

LOVE, Mila.

Le Hot Tomato said...

Bride to be as the color for the bedroom obviously! It really is my favorite though. :)

Rachel Wortell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Danielle said...

i just painted my bedroom "peach fade", which is a warm, "peachy" creamy, off-white. yes!! there's nothing worse than that stock, cheap, white, rented apartment, wall color.

Betsey said...

beautiful :)
i love the photo of the clothes.
and those colors are lovely!

SHILL said...

your shoes, you did them justice by taking such pretty picture :)

The Stylish Wanderer said...

where can I get those shoes?

congrats on the award!

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