Wednesday, October 15, 2008

hairbows and hootenanny...15 october 2008 gratitudes

1. the incredibly talented and ever-so darling photographer, anouck bertin, borrowed chelsea, pete, and my bows for a photoshoot. i have never seen our work professionally photographed and it was just kind of exciting. anouck really has such a fantastic, whimsical aesthetic which is right up year and a day's alley.

2. had a very exciting morning that kept me smiling all day...will tell details later.

3. had an impromptu breakfast with grainne belluomo and adrian muniz. i am going to miss grainne so much when she leaves for chicago. she is quite beloved by all who meet her and i can't even imagine what it is going to be like when moves. kindhearted. magnaminous. loyal. side-splittingly hilarious. sincere. i am quite positive i know a certain group of boys who will mourn the loss of their snow white. i will too.

4. new magazine day! i stocked up on french vogue, american vogue, teen vogue, living. i like to throw a curveball every now and then to mix things up.

5. purchased a ticket to see girl talk on tuesday, november 18th. i. am. obsessed. seeing a girl talk show is like going to the best dance party ever. everyone dances their little pants off and it is nothing but a sea of smiling faces. i can't wait!

6. my favorite west village darling, ara lopez learned how to make sound come from the whistles on my necklace. i laughed so hard, which made her giggle in delight, which caused me to fall into a full on fit of laughter! hands down one of the cutest baby tricks i've seen. watching her huff and puff with her little cheeks and then that squeal of self-achievement...priceless.


SHILL said...

i love the head piece, gorgeous!

K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
platinum blonde said...

Love the bow, congrats the photo looks fab! :)

*L said...

the bow looks amazing.. I want to see more:) keep up the good work.

ldvnicole said...

I want that, oh my go amazing!!

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