Saturday, October 4, 2008

the merchant of marvels and the peddler of dreams...4 october 2008 gratitudes

1. ate peanut butter pie from sugar sweet sunshine and macaroni and cheese from relish. two of my favorite guilty pleasure foods from two of my favorite restaurants.

2. observed the incredibly studied, impeccably dressed pre-teens lounging around the bakery. amy and i giggled over the stylistic differences between the new york youth and the rest of the country. good grief, when i was in junior high my greatest fashion triumph (which is debatable) would have been my pink pleather skirt suit from guess?...or perhaps my high heel sketchers. i really channeled cher from clueless. so shameful.

3. discovered a new favorite store luddite in brooklyn. amy merrick continues to lead me to swoon-worthy shops such as this one. a beautiful space filled with curiosities, military/naval memorobilia, medical equipment, old marriage certificates, and turn of the century furniture to die for. i could have bought everything in the store. i went with a mission to furnish my new home, but came away with two yummy hand-knitted hats. hand-knitted by the owner's girlfriend's grandmother in maine. sold.

... and i went to school with the owner's sister, angela scarola, at savannah college of art and design! what a charming small world we live in.

4. went to the chelsea flea market with coco and kristen after months, literally, of failed attempts( which i take full responsibility for). i was in heaven. beautiful treasures that i could afford! i keep running into the heartbreak of finding collectibles that are far out of my price range. y'all, new york is 'spensive! but i triumphantly came away with my arms full of old suitcases, a 1920s portrait of a little girl, tiny glass bottles(to store my sequins), a 1920s french chalkboard, a 1940s bronze gooseneck lamp, and the loveliest educational edition of le petit prince. heaven. thanks coco!

5. made progress in the unpacking of my life into my new apartment. sigh. i just want to blink and it be done with. i really do want to be a tidy little housewife and not a gypsy little girl. baby steps...


Mila said...

Oh wow, this all sounds so amazing!
I want to go to the fleamerket with you, i think that would be so much fun....haha! :))


hayliebird said...

i want to go with you too. i cant wait to see your new treasures & to see your take on fewer frills for yours and eds cozy little corner.

miss you always. ill be there very very soon.

"hi, i'm ginny branch and i love love." said...

i miss you so so much hayliebird. it is painful trying to reign in my little girl aesthetic. painful.

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