Friday, October 10, 2008

tea and white rabbits... 10 october 2008 gratitudes

1. saw the new banksy installation at the village pet shop and charcoal grill in the west village with coco. it's his first ever new york based exhibition and it is incredible. he features animatronics to illustrate his intent: "I wanted to make art that questioned our relationship with animals and the ethics and sustainability of factory farming, but it ended up as chicken nuggets singing."

the bunny putting on makeup was kind of heartbreaking. incredibly clever and adorable, but nonetheless pretty devastating. same with the sad-eyed tweety bird rocking in his cage encircled by his plucked feathers. tugged on every last heartstring.

2. the kind designer for the clothing brand Sea, Sean Monahan brought me the most adorable pair of slouchy white pants from his line. and they are a one-off sample to boot! it was the nicest surprise to a very slow day in the west village. i really have met some of the most gentle, most sincere, and most generous people here.

3. had the most delicious day of indulgence (which is pretty much everyday for me...) in honor of our stock manager, jaime lewis's last day. the champion sweet treat was by far the delectably gooey doughnuts from doughnut plant, courtesy of my manager chris weir and his girlfriend regina kim. i think i might be in trouble, its just a stones throw from my apartment...oh dear.

4. am currently enjoying a piping hot cup of tea, curled up under a quilt, nursing a fast-approaching cold. i need some preventative medicine asap.

* to all the darlings out there... if any of y'all know of any recipes for pink milk, or what that really is even, please let me know. i've heard mention of it before and it sounds right up my alley. merci.


K. Sundari said...

At first I thought that rabbit was real. You talking about tea made me want to have a nice cuppa too. Oh and about pink milk, when I was little I used to sneak into the kitchen and put strawberry jam into my cup of milk and stir it up until it was really pink and sickeningly sweet.

Anonymous said...
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little gypsy. said...

i believe you crush strawberries or raspberries into the milk. perhaps in a blender or with a mixer. or you could stir in some strawberry syrup or strawberry yogurt.
have fun!

Joanna Goddard said...

oh yes!! i saw that too and totally though the cheetah was real. very cool!!

Mila said...

What a gorgeous picture of that teacup! Amazing! (Polaroid?)

I only know milk with strawberry taste. that is pink...

Lots of love for you, dear!


onesilentwinter said...

i have must see this!

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