Thursday, October 30, 2008

the witching hours...pre halloween gratitudes

1. finally snapped a photo of my favorite sign in the west village. apparently, so legend goes, there is an artist who lives in this apartment and his home is filled with drawings and fashion plates and paintings galore. and every day he tries to practice one random act of kindness. sounds like what i will be like as an old lady. i hope.

2. went to the chelsea market with kristen and had a lovely lunch. i haven't been in so long and it really is a neat little spot. each vendor peddles such yummy goodies-eleni cookies, fat witch brownies, ronnybrook cremerie...i could go on and on and on.

3. received the most darling package in the mail from my sweet halligan norris, the talented creator of the tiniest treasures you'd ever did see! she sent the most thoughtful care package to pete, chelsea, and i and inside she adorable wrapped a vintage, navy chiffon 1920s dress with tiny, repeat pattern hand embroidery. so precious and perfect.

4. had a hot toddy (my first ever)with keaton. this really is a cold weather treat. we sat at the bar at cafe cluny and had a lovely presentation-the elixir was steeped with whole cinnamon sticks in a french press carafe and garnished with lemon slices. i felt like i should have been curled up on a velvet, tufted chair. in a cabin. surrounded by books.

5. found photos in my inbox of one of my make-shift, last minute halloween party costumes from the coacd party, courtesy of kathy lo. i'm supposed to be lydia deetz from beetlejuice, but i think i just look like some creepy goth vampire. oh well...i just have lots of black clothing...

6. played cards with a stranger. this kind boy who works at the mud coffee bar inside the kiehl's store in the east village asked me if i knew how to play crazy eights. how serendipitous! this is my absolute favorite childhood card game, and quite frankly, the only one i actually can remember the rules. slowly but surely, and with a few memory lapses, i recalled the game and played three rounds with him. i think i want to be a complete old lady and have bridge night with my girlfriends...any takers?

7. cleaned my apartment. an impromptu surprise visit from my coworkers during the wee hours of the night inspired me to reign in the chaos. or at least clean all of the surfaces. keeping a tidy home is no fun when there is no furniture to entertain guests with. come december, however, i will be accompanying my fiancé on a long journey from georgia to new york in a u-haul. i have lots of treasures tucked away, just waiting to come to the big apple. and lord knows how much eddie is looking forward to that drive (thank you thank you my darling man).

8. had a lovely date with peter at inoteca. i love my sweet pete. i don't tell him enough...


SHILL said...

love the "random act of kindness sign" :)

Mila said...

I always love your lovely posts so so much, Ginny!
You look gorgeous as always..

How great you played cards with a stranger, that are the things in life that can totally make your day.


cara. said...

text/call and we can set up a little creepy internet date (: 917.582.6109 in the next week or so.

love the sign. happy halloween.

Simone said...

The "random act of kindness" sign just made my day... Thanks for sharing!!

Fanny said...

Congratulations for the french magazine Jalouse, you are so cute and cool!

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