Friday, February 29, 2008

west village darlings...2.28.08 gratitudes

1. my jar of good thoughts.

2. my new sequined hat came from ebay. another gem to add to my collection.

3. the book unearthed by amy merrick "the keys to happiness" came from ebay yesterday. such a funny book!

4. amy and frances in their red attire. i should have photographed them. they looked like heroines in a story.

5. sid vicious, my favorite frenchie came in for 3 visits!

6. amazing grace, my favorite 6 year old darling came in and showed us her pink guitar and photos from the bonpoint fashion show.

7. some of the sequined bags came in for spring and i had to put all 3 out on the floor. our store can never have too much shiny.

8. ate mozzerella sticks and blondies with kieran and james in a very peculiar pub(like a preppy NYU bar).

9. captured james's silhouette on the wall(sort of...)

10. eddie's team won their softball game.

11. finally captured a person carrying balloons. i always see people carrying ballons on the corner of w. 4th and bank and i chased them down like paparazzi.

12. very late at night i ordered my new french cold cream embryolisse. it has a lovely smell and makes my skin feel so soft.

13. worked out yesterday for the first time in a looooooooooong time.

14. got a new dress from little marc that is the perfect GB color. drop waisted, frilly, with a racerback. way to go amy merrick for scounting out that darling number for me...and you'll get money in two weeks ;)

15. ate two cupcakes for dinner.

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Jeremy said...

Love the name of this blog. :)

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