Saturday, February 23, 2008

i'm such a girl...gratitudes 2.23.08

1. my mauve hair. not exactly the silver color i normally get but in certain lights it looks either grey-ish rose or grey-ish lavender. i look like frenchie in grease when she dyes her hair pink by accident. the color will wash out to silver after one shower, it's just the toner.

2. i hung my tutu costume and KVB letters from sweet cynthia.

3. chelsea brought me apple cider doughnuts and washed my milk bottles.

4. amy's sweet book she made for a sweet boy.

5. pete got his saucy patrick mcmullen photos in the mail. what a glamorous gus!!!!

6. eddie's college friends came up to visit him and celebrate our engagement. travis, shadeed, and brock are my favorites.

7. found some darling 1930s "lingerie" on ebay. tap pants and pink silk stockings and rompers. all things which i will wear on the outside and no doubt make un-sexy. hopefully i will score them when i get paid next!

8. andrew, bret, and chris made me laugh a lot.

9. walked home with pete and got coffee and a pretzel croissant from birdbath bakery.

10. grapefruit juice from liquiteria. its so pink and pretty and tasty.

1 comment:

hayliebird said...

a. your life looks so dreamy- you are making me jealous

b. i love your hair- its my dream color- you look like Jem from Jem & the Holograms- my childhood hero!! i always wished i could have her hair, but never look like her b/c she looked like she was a man in drag, but her hair- thats what matters.

c. i want those flowers in that pic. how scrumptous are the colors?

I want to live closer, I want to hop on over on any given night like in Savannah and it just isn't that easy anymore.

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