Monday, February 4, 2008

so glad he was born...02.03.08 gratitudes

1. haynes riley and hunter riley were born today. two of the best people i have ever met in my whole life.

2. haynes riley's birthday party/superbowl party at cam, kara, and eric's house. like a mini s.c.a.d reunion(plus amy merrick)!

3. so many dear friends in one place!!!!! felt like my heart was going to explode-chelsea, pete, mollie, amy, madeleine, haylie, savannah, vic, lily, brittani, and the man of the hour-haynes. and some old faces that i was glad to see-meagan, lucas, francis, ben, hannah, maura, matt, the list goes on and on.

4. happy to know that haynes riley is still the most beloved boy to have ever attended s.c.a.d. his fan club on facebook alone says it all. he had me at "hi, i'm haynes riley, i'm from arkansas". the only boy i have ever shamelessly thrown myself at( to an embarrassing degree); my only true, straight best guy friend, a boy i can't seem to go too long without living within a few blocks radius, and a boy whom i like to mail letters to even though it would be quicker to drop it off at his apartment. i love to hear him speak and he is one of my favorite artists. i don't know a soul like him.

5. my favorite client, danielle came in and introduce me to her boyfriend. such a sweet couple. i love meeting good, kind couples. i love love. she told me i had kind eyes. probably one of the nicest things a person could say to me.

6. this sweet, old cabaret dancer/painter Illona came in the store and told me i look like a water lily and gave me a black purse of hers. this woman is a legend in the west village: 70-80 years old, bright red hair, the longest red fake eyelashes you'll ever see(created from using her own hair!), bright blue eyeliner, and today-a fantastic raspberry crushed velvet ensemble). she used to be a painter and was commissioned to paint portraits of the kennedy's children back in the day.

7. chelsea called me on the phone to tell me she thought i looked nice today. she is so good to me.

8. finally gave haylie her christmas gift and she seemed like she liked it!

9. bret and andrew cracked me up all day at work.

10. maddy and vic stopped by the store and hung out for the last hour. made time fly! two girls i don't get to see nearly enough!

11. had breakfast with pete and had a delightful coffee and dessert rendez-vous with pete and amy at 7A. laughed a lot.

12. talked to the love of my life on the phone. he is my only home.


Amy Elizabeth said...

oh i love you.

hayliebird said...

this post makes me so happy.
i love that you love love.

Amy Nieto said...

your blog is so cute. i am a fan of haylie and halligan and liz and cheryl, and even though i wasnt too close to them, these four lovely souls represent what was amazing and beautiful in savannah. i miss it all so much it sometimes hurts. I am sure you are just as lovely as they are.
i used to have a little journal where i'd write my gratitudes for the day. you've inspired me to start again. ^_^

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