Tuesday, February 26, 2008

through the looking glass...2.26.08 gratitudes

1. the older gentleman who was leisurely reading his newspaper in front of the antique bookshop he works at.

2. chelsea's perfect neck bow peeking out of her fur coat accompanied by a darling hair accessory.

3. pete's assistance at the photo shoot. he kept me organized, helped me lug all of my clothes, calmed me down when i was nervous...

4. had a lovely woman from holland named gigi do my makeup today. first time someone has done my makeup in years!

5. discovered the most amazing cream embyolisse-a french cold cream. you can only buy it online and it is relatively cheap-$25.00.

6. spent time in a charming european restaurant, Bobo on 10th st and 7th ave. The interior was like what I want my home to look like!

7. painted silhouettes on white exposed brick and color coordinated books.

8. played dress up and felt girly.

9. tina tyrell took my photo, a photographer whose work i have admired for a long time.

10. found the book "The Butler's Pantry Book" A Compendium of Household Secrets from the Victorian Age. Such a treat, with lovely pen and ink drawings.

11. i have received emails from three of my favorite female artists. i can't even believe it. i absolutely adore these artists and its almost surreal to be corresponding with them.

12. the girls today told me i looked like alice in wonderland. i was really excited. i love alice.


Rachel Wortell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
HollyG said...

were those silhouettes at Bobo? because I am slightly obsessed with silhouettes. And think that you're glitteringly fabulous :-)

Nest said...

Yes, where oh where are those lovely silhouettes? I want to do that for an episode of the show. Want to, want to?

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