Sunday, June 21, 2009

shoe string series...rainy day date in 5 steps

so, this has been a gloriously rainy summer. i wonder if this is what if feels like to live in portland? i dragged my main squeeze to prospect park to break out of the stale confines of our apartment. keys to good rainy day fun...

1. find a lush, yummy park with a view of the water. and a concession stand with popcorn, candy, coffee and soft drinks. delicious snacks, less than $5.

2. spy on a family of swans preening on a patch of grass. momma, poppa, and two fuzzy cygnets (the proper term for a baby swan, as i was just informed by pete).

3. scout a good tree for climbing. low branches and thick limbs, to sit and read a good book.

4. discover a spooky carousel, isolated and with two seaters (perfect for smooching, provided no children are nearby). the easiest way to find it is to listen out for the carnival music singing on the other side of the billy goat bridge. rides are $1.50 a person.

5. partake in an evening boat ride in a precious little electric boat called the independence. too sweet for words! rides are $8 a person.

all of this would be ever so fun on a true summer day. but sometimes you have to get creative in yucky weather. when seeing a movie or going to a museum just doesn't sound like the solution.


miss kelly said...

that water looks so new york city!!! nice and murky!!

Rebecca said...

what a great list! i love this series.. i wrote up something about good trees a little while back as well-- they're so nice to come across :)

A little Princess said...

That looks like the perfect day! I wish I was there xoxo

Ruta said...

i adore this especially the carousel and the boat. i wish i could do things like that here in my city...well maybe i can. i just need to get creative.

Kaahl said...

diet coke and popcorn. summer is here.

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