Saturday, June 13, 2009

can i keep you?

today i am grateful for...

1. seeing two concerts this week. the decemberists with chelsea and lindsey on wednesday. the avett brothers with eddie and chelsea yesterday. both bands sang all night about love. and it was perfect.

source: lindsey knott

2. the ultimate concert fare- hot dogs and cheap champagne. chelsea and i have decided this will be our fuel whenever we go see live music.

source: lindsey knott

3. discovering we have a laundry room in our building. after having lived here for 8 months. fantastic.

4. finding out my sweet chelsea cook won't be moving to san francisco after all! her friends are rejoicing and we are so happy to have her stay. best news ever.

source: keri anne


Le Hot Tomato said...

Seeing the avett brothers tonight! So excited!

Emily said...

beautiful! i want hotdogs and champagne!!?? i see the avetts tonight with our sweet savannah for her happy happy birthday!! and hooray for chelsea in ny!! i am so excited for our friends being together, hopefully here in brooklyn!!

lindsey said...

shes not moving! im so happy! i cant wait for more summertime fun with the two of you!

erin said...

hot dogs and champagne, awesome! my guilty pleasure is actually gummi worms and strawberry champagne, i might have to try out the hot dogs with it though! i love your blog!

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