Wednesday, October 20, 2010

then and now: long hair

then and now- long hair

long hair then

long hair now

girls with fabulously, deliciously long doll hairs

1. hannah metz

2. hello mr. fox

3. francesca zmetra

4. alexandra grecco


Marinka said...

I would love to have long hair

Gina said...

Oh! I'm presently battling between keeping my long, pleasingly chestnut, if I do say so myself, ringlets (which I waiting for AGES to grow and are finally long and lustrous) and chopping it all off for a sweet feminine pixie.
You just swung the pendulum a little.

There's something so undeniably pretty and natural womanly and silky about long locks.


Sundari said...

I love seeing girls with long hair. It's true the standards have changed. Hmmm, makes me wish I had long hair again.

Mei-li said...

aaaa I want long hair to can make braids and play with mi hair !!
nice post !

Justice Pirate said...

my hair used to be 34 inches long a couple years ago. I miss it. 11 inches to go to get back!

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