Monday, October 18, 2010

pixie hair cuts

keys to short hair


Jane Flanagan said...

I always had a pixie since my early 20's and have let it grow to a bob in the last year, but I'm itching to chop it all off again. I adore this haircut!

lis said...

The pixie is my favorite! I had one a year ago, let it grow into a bob...but, oh how I miss my pixie! Like Jane, I'm itchin' to chop it off again! Maybe for next summer!!

Gina said...

Ah! I just swooned over your piece on long hair, now I'm swooning over this post on pixies!
You swung the pendulum again!
Short hair + silky full vintage lace dress+ pink lipstick and liquid liner + ballet flats= style perfection?
For me?
Oh, I hope so!


Camille said...

I had never heard of using prenatal vitamins for hair growth... Have you ever tried them? If so, how effective are they? Also, do you know if they interfere with other medication, or are they 'prenatal' simply in the proportion of the different vitamins used? (ok, I'm done with all my questions...:)Thank you!

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