Friday, October 8, 2010

pick your own pumpkin...

baby pumpkins

i am so grateful that my friend blayne beacham suggested picking pumpkins from a patch! ed and i decided to take advantage of an uncomfortably warm fall day, and drove to watkinsville to pluck a few jack o lanterns from the vine.

ginny wheelbarrow

i kept loading our wheel barrow with the chubbiest, stumpiest green globes. i was on a mission to find cinderella, fairytale, ghost, or baby boo pumpkins, but settled for pretty standard pumpkin fare. nothing wrong with traditional- i ain't mad at that!

ed and the barrow

ed was a true blue trooper, as always. although he totally put his foot down when it came to going on a hayride. and he definitely vetoed watching the pig races. hey, ya win some, ya lose some.

washington farms

pie pumpkins

later at night, we even snuck a pumpkin with a really good spindly, sinewy stem on my parents' porch. my mom is quite picky about pun'kin stems. this might have to become a new tradition...sneaky pumpkin gifting at night.

i love fall. i am officially ready to kiss these 80 degree days goodbye! and i also am tapping my foot at the trees to hurry up and change colors now. and i'm also ready to pull on some rag wool socks, drink obscene amounts of cider, bake some bread, and go on a fall hike down tallulah gorge. is that so much to ask??


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pumpkins! For my part I am going to make pumpkin muffins.

Mei-li said...

aaaaa it's look great , I like to eat
pumkins aa you gonna make a good halloween !!!

Random Elephant said...

ahahah not at all, not too much! I would also add: eat chestnuts and drink hot chocolate :)

Micha Merrick said...

sneaky pumpkin gifting??? that's the best idea ever! it's like trick-or treating in reverse. love love love!

Marcheline said...

I think it's adorable that you and ed both posed with the same barrowful of punkins... "OK, your turn!"

Those dark green (?) punkins are wicked looking!

Am looking forward to getting our punkins, having our yearly carving party with friends, and - best of all - roasting and eating the seeds! Mmmmmmmmmm!!!

"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

marcheline: hahahaha, i totally make him pose for scrapbook pictures- MUCH to his chagrin!

and i am on the hunt for lumina, casper, baby boo, and ghost pumpkins. i just want a bunch of white glowing spheres-ooooooooooo.

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