Monday, October 25, 2010

holiday preview

holiday inspiration 1
{board 1: blanket coat, tartan skirt, brown belt, hunting boots, ragg wool hat.} photo source: toast uk

holiday 2

board 2: {red flocked reindeer, red union suit, red lantern, tartan throw, cable sweater, leather thermos}photo source: artemis, tales of a junkaholic.

holiday twirl

board 3: {ostrich cape, sequin dress, sequin shoes, jingle bell ring, jingle bell bobby pins, rose gold rolex, resolution pencils} photo source: kate spade twirl

oh please oh please don't be mad. i am not trying to skip over the delicousness that is thanksgiving. i haven't started listening to christmas music; i'm not baking cookies; and it is DEFINITELY not even fall weather here in georgia... 80 degrees still?! i'm just working on lots of holiday shoots this week, my first ones ever! so of course i've been paying attention to the folks that do holidays so well-bergdorf goodman, kate spade, matthew mead, sweet paul, toast, etc. so this is not a jumpstart on christmas posting-no no no no! just a teaser. although i am getting fired up for my reasons to wear my sequins.


Mei-li said...

aaaa I love the first trend, I have to find clothes like this during the sales aaa!!

Eleni said...

[sigh] I live round the corner from a Toast's dreams!

the classic case said...

Oh man, it's supposed to be 70 in NYC today and you have me wishing for snow!

Verhext said...

Bring on the holidays!!! It's warm here too - 70 - and I just want to go lie under the Christmas trees at Bloomingdales like a crazy little kid.

Laura Keller said...

With less than two months to Christmas, I don't think you're rushing the season at all... I love all of these looks - they're getting me in the mood for cold nights, warm drinks, and good company!

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