Friday, October 1, 2010



what better way to kick off the month of costumes, than to watch a campy, classic kid's movie? i love popeye. it's charming, clever, and stands the test of time( in my humble opinion). in fact, i find it even more endearing as an adult.

my mom still frequently breaks out into olive oyl's "he's large" song in a warbly, screechy voice. always cracks me up.


i had forgotten how happy this movie makes me. the costumes, the colors, the songs...

the sleepy little seaside shanty town, sweet haven, hosts the dusty, the hard-knocked, and the misfits.

the characters' names are terrific! wimpy, olive oyl, caster oyl, cole oyl... swee'pea! so stinkin' cute.



honestly these costumes really rock the house. all the girls wear these grey-ed out hues, layers of tiered ruffles, stompin' boots, funny hats, and polka dots. the costume designer was givin' me serious comme des garcons looks. i love me some downtrodden ragamuffin chic-ha!


and plenty of bearded and mustachioed men sporting schlumpy, moth-eaten sweathers and fisherman caps.

i pitched the idea of a "popeye and olive oyl" halloween costume to my slumbering husband this morning...

his incredulous reply: "ummmm, isn't popeye a really short, buff, bald dude?" fair enough.


Paige said...

I must admit i've never seen this film, but I have a terrific urge to watch it now. It looks splendid!

Kathleen said...

Yeah, I had no idea there was a live-action version of Popeye! Learn something new every day. I would love to see you and Ed as Olive Oyl and Popeye for halloween though :)

Tess said...

I've never seen this movie! Pop Eye always existed as a cartoon in my mind. It looks so lovely and I think Olive is an amazing costume idea.

Justice Pirate said...

I've seen this film a few times. It has always been so strange!!! haha. I love it though. Randomly I'll get one of the songs in my head but most of the songs are HORRIBLE. I wish they sang better.

Marcheline said...

The proper reply?

"That's why they call it a COSTUME, dear."

Bald cap, cotton stuffed under nude colored elastic sleeves to make big muscles, a corn cob pipe... voila!

Terri said...

I haven't seen this movie in a long time, though I loved it as a kid. Every time I watched it, I had fantasies of living in a seaside shanty town.

mm said...

it seems that the costume designer was actually a "she" ! :) i've been searching around the net, trying to find out who designed olive oyl's boots in the "he's large" scene to no avail...

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