Wednesday, December 30, 2009

gold stars...

gold stars

christmas vacation 2009. i am grateful for...

1. eating insane amounts of chocolate chess pie and pecan pie.

2. witnessing my mother-in-law and her sister do a dance in their christmas snuggies.

3. watching the wizard of oz and gone with the wind.

4. laughing uncontrollably with my brothers-in-law while playing jishaku on the floor.

5. combing the kudzu antique mall with my momma.

6. exploring pop's basement(a wonderland of antiques, treasures, and history) and playing white elephant at his house.

7. spending a night with corrie pellerin who drove up from new orleans and made a pit-stop in atlanta. i miss my corrie girl, and this was kind of the best present ever.

8. eating breakfast at ok cafe (three days in a row) and sneaking in a date with kristie day. we love our day day.

9. seeing the blind side at the movie theater with ed's whole family. every time a scene from our high school popped up, i pinched ed with excitement. anyone who knows me, knows how much i loooooooooved westminster. go cats.

10. feeling very lucky to have such good friends and family. best part of christmas. we house- hopped and saw the entire extended family on both sides. and we love them all.

hope everyone had a special holiday season and are now ready to say "so long aughties, hello 2010!" i can't wait to see what is in store for everyone this year!


miss kelly said...

how did i not run into you at the Zu!! I practically moved in! (they have all know Chloe since...birth...)

John G said...

I want that metal military desk from Kudzu Mall. Real bad.

pretty face said...

Just clicked through to your blog because I loved the name. It's really cute :)

Happy New Year.

Oh, and I call them the noughties. Or the naughties. xx

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