Thursday, December 10, 2009

lord love you

today i am grateful for...


diggin' out my r.a miller artwork to add a folky spin to my holiday decor. i love r.a miller. as a young girl my mother would drive us to his home, on top of a hill, to purchase pieces to add to her growing collection. i remember his home as an old, dilapidated shack littered with salvaged pieces of wood and tin. and lots of whirligigs. r.a was a barrel-chested man usually wearing dusty overalls and a crushed hat. often with bits o' chewing tobacco tucked in his cheek. nearly blind, he would take the unloved pieces and paint them in childlike colors with images ranging from angels and devils, to uncle sams and elvises. and he would scrawl his signature in something funny like metallic paint pen, usually prominently on the front. so here are a few of my favorite pieces...


say hello to my sweet angels.


and a glimpse of my husband's and my bed frame. probably the most special thing i own. he built the whole frame and painted it with angels and hearts.

lord love you

and the dearest little sign. his signature catch phrase.

now i'm off to prep the apartment for our big evening. tonight we're getting our tree so i'm in the process of uncovering ornaments and making some trimmings. i hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

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