Saturday, December 19, 2009

dyker heights

today i am grateful for...

santa's mansion

the first snowfall and a trip to dyker heights with eddie. holy canoli... this ultra italian, superbly brooklyn neighborhood sure knocked our socks off with their spectacular christmas display.

white lights

candy land


atlanta has callaway gardens, which i used to BEG my parents to drive all the way out to during the holiday season. and there was this one amazing house, across the street from chastain park, that my parents used to drive me to when i was a baby. they would drive me around to the christmas lights to help me fall asleep at night. but places like dyker heights and amy merrick's candyland are somethin' else.

holly bush

snowy bow

it was incredible. i have never seen this much snow in my whole life. the flakes poured down on us in droves and the wind whipped our cheeks bright pink.

frosty's lady friend

frosty the snowman

we threw snowballs at eachother and attempted to make a snowman together. none of course as charming as frosty and his snow lady friend.

christmas card

we "sat on" santa's lap. and maybe even found next year's christmas card ;)

snow angel

and ed even made a snow angel.

i ate cupfuls of toxic new york city snow and snapped away as families drove by in mini vans, oohing and ahhing . we only left when our eyelashes started to form icicles and our fingers lost all feeling. we finished the evening at our local italian joint, back in park slope. ya know, keeping with the theme, followed by hot chocolate and clementines. it was a perfect first snowfall.

i absolutely recommend making a pilgrimage to dyker heights if you live in new york. it is unabashedly, unapologetically christmasy. bergdorf windows eat your heart out. all kidding aside, it is guaranteed to make even the scroogiest, grinchiest of hearts grow two sizes.

i hope everyone takes a little time to go play in the snow... the miserable snow-shoveling can be put off til a later time... says the gal from the south, who never needed to perform such a grueling chore. not in a georgia winter, at least.


Karin said...

It looks magical indeed. With little children here, we can't do anything else than enjoy and cheer about every last inch of snow :-) And they are so right; It's beautiful.

Krista Beth said...

I'm so jealous that you have snow! It doesn't even feel Christmasy down here. It all looks so beautiful

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