Thursday, September 4, 2008

year and a day...4 september 2008 gratitudes

i have officially lived in new york for a year and a day.

new york time is on its own clock, the big hand running laps around the little one.

i can't believe i'm a sophomore in this city. this year was a true roller coaster with the highest highs, and the lowest lows. like the feeling whether you don't know if you should laugh or cry. that emotion suspended for 12 months and a day. i moved here with two suitcases and nothing else. my first day i took a cab straight from the airport, dropped my bags off at haynes riley's apartment(which he generously and kindly let me stay for three weeks), and was escorted to the women's marc by marc store on bleeker by the darling susie farhandi. my first day in the city. my first day of work. i remember thinking, "just breathe".

the week i had arrived marked the beginning of fashion week. what a time to move to new york as a young fashion designer! i couldn't have been more in love with this city. i fell head over heels. new york felt like fall. perfect weather and an energy that was indescribable. i remember standing in line for hours outside the armory waiting for the marc jacobs collection show to start. unreal. the photo of me in the black dress was taken while i was waiting in line. the only show i have desperately wanted to attend. the collection was breathtaking. the production, so clever and worth the wait. i would have waited all night for that show. even though my five inch heels made me want to cut my feet off at the ankles.

i am so grateful to be here, and while i miss the south with all my heart, i know there is so much more for me to learn and see and play and experience and discover.

i just wish i could find a place that cooks grits as good as the folks in georgia.


Mila said...

Woow, what an amazing story! :)
It made me just a little jealous...i've been dying to go to NY for such a long time, but it's not exactly around the corner unfortunately.
You look amazing, really, you are pretty and cute!
Love your blog and i'll link you immediately!

Thanks for the loveliest comment you left on my blog, it means a lot!


rean said...

you are so beautiful, inside and out. i really admire you.:D

Miabella said...

You are such an inspiration! <3

"hi, i'm ginny branch and i love love." said...

gosh y'all are sweet girls. i wish we knew eachother.

Susanna-Cole said...

"i am so grateful to be here, and while i miss the south with all my heart, i know there is so much more for me to learn and see and play and experience and discover." I completely agree! I love the south and I love rural places untouched with time and simply dripping with nature, however... I feel NYC holds so many more oppurtunities for me and is always thrilling to be in, especially when you are young and full of life!

Mila said...

Come check out my polaroids, i want to show them....i am a little proud!
How are you dear?

:) Mila.

Anonymous said...


My name is Victoria, I found your blog all the way frome Sweden! You seem like a wonderful and amazing person, I'll keep reading everything you write. I'm dreaming of one day becoming a fashion designer myself but have a few years of studying first. Where did you study?

I've never been to the NYC (or even the USA), is it as amazing as they say?

Hugs and kisses from Sweden!

Le Hot Tomato said...

Hi again Ginny,

I don't think I've introduced myself when commenting before, but I am a Kansas to NYC transplant of almost 5 years and I still mark the anniversary of the day I got here. I think you are so lovely, and love that there are so many creative people in this wonderful city for me to discover and appreciate. I saw this ring on etsy this morning, and i don't know why but it made me think of your blog. Probably an Alice in WOnderland thing. :)

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