Monday, August 25, 2008

welcome to the dollhouse...25 august 2008 gratitudes

1. went for a morning jog by the water, on the e. 6th street track with the lovely chelsea cook. even though the grass is really astro turf, for some reason it smells like fall soccer/football practice. it makes me feel super nostalgic for high school, in the best way ever. and i can see the domino sugar building from the track. sweet.

2. discovered new little gems tucked away on avenue C. darling little coffee shops, wine bars, and artisanal bakeries. how have i managed to live in this area for a year, and overlook an entire street?!

3. found the photos from my trip to the museum of new york city. the last three photos are from a dollhouse exhibit. i just wanted to live inside it. so tiny. the vintage toys made me drool a little. i felt like i was at the stands in portobello market. i love love love childrens toys so much.

4. am getting fired up for my first day working with andrew again. he is one of the original crew members from our store when it first opened. and he's back. so excited.

5. am counting down the days til i go home and visit my sweet man and my family. it has been too long since i have been down south. i can't wait.


Amy Elizabeth said...

Whoah, doll house exhibit? and to think i've just creepily haunted the doll house section of FAO!

Tina said...

I just wanted to mention that I find the photos you have on your blog truly inspiring. I loved every single photo that had to do with balloons and I especially loved the creativeness of the pink building photo.

I've only discovered your blog recently, but have so far poured over every post. You're such an inspiring person that most of your posts make me smile and think "If only everyone could be so positive on life!"

I've added you to my list of favourite blogs on my own blog!


Tina said...

Also, I forgot to ask in my previous comment. Where did you purchase the Marc Jacobs bras and how much were they?


LaCouturier said...

wow! adorable...a bit eerie, but, nonetheless adorable! =)

please check out my blog, =)

Mila said...

I really like your blog!

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