Thursday, August 21, 2008

hand to heart, heart to hand...22 august 2008 gratitudes

i love this. i am amazed by how people can create something beautiful, even when hope is fading. my dear friend, hayliebird, is participating in a balloon wish release this saturday for beloved blogger nie, and her husband who were in a plane crash and are recovering in the hospital. she is encouraging all, wherever you may be, to do the same.

this saturday, grab some helium balloons and tie your wishes, thoughts, or prayers for nie and her husband to the tail. document this and send it her sister, cjanerun i believe. i believe. i believe. we all should.

trust me. magical thoughts will be in the air...


hayliebird said...

perfect ginny! thank you for spreading the word.

Johanne said...

That's the sweetest thing..I'll send her magical toughts and best wishes tonight(:

lindsey said...

hi ginny.
its lindsey knott. i stumbled across your blog. ive been reading it today at work trying to pass the time. the life you are living is something i wish i could be living. all of the places you go and the things you see. you are so creative and really an inspiration. i love that you like milk magazine. it is my dream. im pregnant now and i wish i had endless amounts of money so i could buy all of the childrenswear they have in that magazine. i hope new york life is treating you well. atlanta is still holding up!

Parkey said...

oh gosh, i love that picture :)

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