Wednesday, September 17, 2008

inspire me...16 september 2008 gratitudes

1. ran into lois smith on the street. she is the actress who plays sofia in how to make an american quilt. this is one of my absolute favorite movies and i love her character. sofia is sort of this crochety old woman who completely endears herself to the viewer by the end of the movie as her story is told. anyway, normally i try and be polite and pretend i don't recognize actresses because i don't want to be rude. and then sometimes i can't control that i'm a huge geek. this was one of those times. this poor sweet woman was just looking up bus time schedules and i totally confessed my love for her in this movie. i'm pretty sure i scared her. almost positive. i had on big heart glasses, a big goofy grin, and my grey hair was a hot mess. oh well...

2. found inspiration for my wedding via a cup of joe's photos from last weekend's jazz-age lawn party on govenor's island. how did i miss this?! more so, how was i not a young lady in this time?

3. went to my favorite local speakeasy little branch with peter, coco, and max. this is one of my favorite places to go after a long day with dear friends. its dimly light with a jazz band playing as waiters dressed in 1920s attire bring you sipping cocktails. i was introduced to this sweet spot by tracy rosenbaum who described their drinks as "bespoke cocktails made with love". spot-on description. order a "bramble" which is off the menu, and you will be quite happy. crushed ice and crushed fresh blackberries are involved. you won't be disappointed.

4. received an email from one of the dolls in au revoir simone. i'm a complete band-aid for these girls and to receive an email from erica made me smile from ear-to-ear. they are the most adorable package. cute girls in dresses and high waisted shorts with long hair singing sweet, catchy diddies. their songs are like nursery rhymes and lullabies for grownups. oh how i love them!

5. got a phone call from my amy merrick who happened to be in paula rubensteins, an amazing antique prop shop in soho while i was on the phone with one of the store's shopclerks. she said she thought she recognized my southern twang coming through the receiver. once she heard the man reply, "oh you're looking for mercury glass hat stands?" she laughed and called me right away at my store. i'm a sucker for anything with mercury glass, and y'all know i loves me some hats.

6. signed the lease for my new apartment, my future first home for eddie and me. i can't wait. it's a two bedroom in the lower east side with an art deco hallway leading to our door. there is no natural light hardly because all the windows face buildings, but we're calling it the rabbit hole. i will truly feel like alice now. and i'm a stones throw away from sugar sweet sunshine, a yummy cupcake bakery. i'm in such trouble!

7. the new lula magazine is in news stands now. every time i see a new issue i feel giddy and celebratory. its jam packed with girlish charm. each page is like a dreamy collage. the collection of photographers and artists who contribute have always been on my list of inspiration . each issue is the most beautiful collision of thoughts and imagery and sentiment. swoon.


Amy Elizabeth said...

This sweet post made me realize I didn't email you the photo! I'm such a negligent friend, I'm sorry.

Mila said...

Great post, Ginny!
So amazing you found a nice, cosy apartment...i hope you feel like a lovely and happy rabbit there! :)

Yes, Lula's so amazing, it truly is a big present every time it comes out.

<3 your blog..

X Mila.

Rachel Wortell said...

ahh i love that movie!

onesilentwinter said...

How great! the speak easy sounds great and the photographs are wonderful, and the rabbit hole will be great as well your first is always the most memorable with your spouse!(apartment:)

aurevoir simon!!! how great is that!

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