Thursday, September 11, 2008

a moment in time...11 september 2008 gratitudes

1. oh my goodness, my wedding dress came in the mail!!!!!! i am so, so happy. i bought it on ebay, which is not especially romantic, but i was having a hard time finding a beautiful and relatively inexpensive great gatsby style dress, the old-fashioned way. i paid less than $200 for this vintage gem, which i think is not too shabby for a wedding dress, no? it is literally everything i envisioned and more. 1920s silhouette. bone colored layers of tiered chiffon with beading. and sequined paneled flaps to boot! oh i'm so happy.

2. had my portrait taken by the so very kind photographer johnny gembitsky in my bedroom. he used the kind of polaroid film where it is all sealed up and when it is finished developing, you unwrap it like a present. its so much fun to see what develops. and johnny was such a kind and gentle soul. he made me feel totally comfortable in front of his camera, whereas i normally turn into an awkward blushing mess. it always touches me when i meet creatives in new york who are equally as human as they are passionate.

3. found a place on my wall for kieran's letter. kieran mulcare was the first person at the marc jacobs store on bleeker that i worked with and instantly was drawn to. he is so smart and kind and articulate and gracious. he warms the hearts of everyone he meets. he is the kind of person to invite you to tea upon meeting you; a boy who dressed up as le petit prince for halloween; and an individual who makes a point of touching all of the trees that line the street. as if to give them an encouraging pat on the back. he loves animals and children and wrote me the sweetest letter that made me cry harder than i have cried in a while. i adore kieran.

4. picked up my wash and fold laundry, finally, and made my bed with my new quilt that i scored from a flea market stall in athens, georgia. i am amassing more quilts than i can shake a fist at. i can always justify buying a quilt-"oh this will go on my bed." "oh, i'll just hang her right up on my wall." "oh wouldn't that be a perfect picnic blanket". i'm a sucker for women's handiwork.

5. uploaded some pre-fashion show photos of my cute friends getting dolled up. playing dress up was my favorite past time as girl. other than trying to kiss the boys on the play ground. i guess some things never change.

6. played around with my polaroid sx-70 camera. amazing. the lighting that this camera captures is incredible. as soon as i move into my new apartment, my goal is to scan my polaroids in. digital photography is such a convenient method of recording time, but nothing compares to film. especially polaroid film. how can it be discontinued? its more than just a dying art. its heartbreak.

i'm in the process of packing up to move into a new apartment, so postings might be slow and scattered. but i will try and be good! as soon as i'm settled into my new place it will be gratitudes galore. promise.


Amy Elizabeth said...

YAY! The dress is amazing, i'm so excited!

chelsea said...

How did I miss that you are getting married? I LOVE your dress! It is so fantastic. Congrats. I can't wait to see more Polaroids!

jamie said...

what a beautiful dress! it's the stuff that fairy tales are made of.

hayliebird said...

whoa! we have some catching up to do. i love the dress- i can't wait to see you in it. beautiful.
where are you moving to? that happened so quickly. i feel like i just saw you, but i guess it has been a while? i'll be in ny for a day with afton & sam on september 26th. hopefully we will see you!!

Mila said...

Wow wow wow!!! :))

Your dress is a dream...truly! I want to see pictures when you're wearing it, promise you will post them, some time!

The photographer you named that made your portrait is amazing, i think i'll have to do a post about his work very soon!

Thanks for posting such great things and for being such an inspiration!


Missa said...

Oh my gosh, THAT DRESS!!!

onesilentwinter said...


jordan said...

That dress is AMAZING. Lucky lucky you.

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