Sunday, January 2, 2011

resolution: write down my gratitudes(and practice my calligraphy)

resolutions: be more grateful

very wang thank you cards

i started this blog back in 2007, with the intention of chronicling my daily gratitudes. i'm a huge believer in thankfulness and mindfulness, and i want to make an effort to daily write down at least five things i am grateful for(and improve my calligraphy). it puts me in SUCH a better mood, and usually i start with five and end up with 17(random, i know).

so, even though currently i am in the middle of the torturous process of trying to organize my prop room, allow me to list 5 bright spots...

1. oprah has her OWN network!!! this is helping me feel better as i purge and turn my entire apartment into a war zone as i sort through my props. i love me some oprah. majorly.
2. in 2010 i have had the pleasure of working for (and with) incredibly talented women i admire, and continue to learn so much from them. annette joseph, grace bonney, joy thigpen, jamie freed, and amy osaba, this one's for you!
3. my husband walks the dogs every morning and brings me coffee. i'm not a morning person, and he's pretty awesome to let me sleep in.

4. i am a proud new owner of an ipad which is helping me be a better woman! seriously, it is like instant organization in one little screen. i feel so tech-y!
5. i just remembered i have some leftover bubbly in the fridge, which might make my prop overhaul more enjoyable- ooh la la!

*bonus- i scored some lovely flowers from amy osaba that are cheering up my war zone of an apartment. every time i look at them i bust out in a perma-grin.


Verhext said...

I love my birthday iPad! What do you use for organizing apps? I have evernote (love it) and teuxdeux on there so far...

I'm also planning on writing all my thank you notes today - starting the new year with gratitude was on my mind as well!

"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

oh man! those sound great! i'm vowing to use ical and update my entire address book into the ipad. i like writing things on paper, but i have so many different sketchbooks that i never can find what i need!

i like january, i'm all for the hope of a new year ;)

Caddy said...

I was inspired to make my own lists of gratitudes after reading yours. I'm glad to know you'll be writing more of them. :)

Happy New Year Ginny!

Annette said...

you're the cats meow ginny branch, love,
your boss lady xo

Friendship sms messages said...

It's cold outside, but the sun is just starting to come out. Viewing these photos and reading your commentary made me reminisce on the summer days I didn't have and the crip feeling of fall to come. Love it!

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