Friday, January 14, 2011

we got amy...

happy birthday amy

i had this post scheduled for my big sister's birthday, january 11th, but i got snowed in with my computer trapped at the apple store. now i can finally give my sister, amy, my master list of why i am so glad she was born.

1. when my mom was pregnant with me, everyone played a game. whoever guessed closest to the day i would be born, would get to dress me. you won. you were the first and probably last person i ever let pick out an outfit for me!

2. you taught me how to climb out of my crib, a party trick that pleased our parents not so much.

3. for show and tell, i brought you to school. you had just gotten back from studying in france, and brought the entire class baguettes, nutella, and strawberry jam.

4. you love the phrase, "go cats" as much as i do.

5. i fondly refer to you as the naughty sister, because you really are hysterical! if i have any sense of humor, i definitely learned it from you.

6. you are the reason i wanted to be a fashion designer because i used to sneak into your room and read all of your vogues and glamours and marie claires.

7. you always gifted me your old makeup. you once gave me a bag of unwanted chanel cosmetics and i brought it to school with me to give makeovers. i was four. i believe your friends used to tease, "little ginny has cooler makeup than me".

8. you are extremely thoughtful and always make mental notes of things people love and are interested in. you definitely inherited this trait from our mother. you are an AMAZING gift giver!!

9. whenever i hear the song, "afternoon delight" i think of you playing it. loudly. on repeat. a song that i never could quite appreciate until i saw anchorman.

10. you named your cat p.posey... as in parker posey. party girl is one of your favorite movies... "he-he-hello!"

11. you took me to see the little mermaid in theaters. and clueless.

12. you are the queen of the mixed tape, and provided many a soundtrack for branch family roadtrips to the beach.

13. when i was a little girl you used to make me come in your room and dance with you to whitney houston's, "how will i know".

14. you makes a mean blueberry bread. and homemade bread. and chocolate cake. and sweet potato risotto.

15. you let me sneak into your room and watch 90210 and melrose place, even though our mom said i couldn't.

i love my big sister and am so glad you were born. you just turned 40 and are probably still
getting carded at restaurants. you have impeccable taste with your finger on the pulse for all things modern and au currant, yet you appreciate and adore all things classic and iconic. you are a grace kelly woman through and through.

you started a blog today and i am really excited and want to shout, "YAY YOU".


miss kelly said...

This made me really want a big sister....happy birthday Amy

lady lyles said...

ditto. your big sister sounds like the cats meow. on the other hand, this helps me let myself off the hook a little bit for being so naive. (ie, not shaving legs until 7th grade... not being allowed to read seventeen until i was.. 17.) i do have a little brother, and i know a lot about dead bugs.

Marinka said...

happy birthday Amy ^^

Caddy said...

What a lovely post! Your sister sounds like a lovely lady.

homemade grits said...

this just brought tears to my eyes. the wine doesn't help, but seriously. i love sister love!
you are a gem ginny branch.
happy birthday amy!

Lexie, Little Boat said...

i love this list. i hope my little sister can make a list this lovely about me when i turn 40.

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