Friday, January 28, 2011

buongiorno j.crew...

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sigh. i don't know what's more interesting, watching listening to jenna lyons speak or witnessing the mastery of this italian shoemakers. their detail and care into their craft is really something to marvel at. i'm always impressed when i hear about someone in the fashion industry staying at one company for thirty years. means the company must be doing something right.


katie kate. said...

what a magical place.

i love j.crew.
i love j.crew shoes.

Clio said...

I love your blog.
In fact months ago when I first came across it and began to trawl through it's beautiful history (until I got to the very first post!) I was inspired to start my own.
I'd be so flattered if you popped over to mine for a peek.

Keep on spreading the shiny :)

Clio x

Island pepperpot said...

great blog your photo's and outlines are just great Thanks for sharing

elissa, ebb & flow said...

that was awesome. it made me miss my time in italy and makes me appreciate my italian shoes even more (if that's possible!)

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