Tuesday, January 4, 2011

today i am grateful for...

be grateful

color charts

{via here and here}

1. finding cheap shelves at the goodwill to house my props(the organizing continues)
2. substitute teaching in my highschool's art department and getting to teach them fashion illustration.
3. playing with the amazing, amazing art supplies at school. LOVE.
4. taking a long nap with my beagles piled on top of me.
5. waking up to a really, exceptionally delicious cup of coffee.
6. receiving a thank you letter in the mail from my aunt & uncle-in law(love hand-written letters).
7. finishing a book and starting another.
8. meditating my way through a stressful parking lot and not panicking!
9. this website! and this one too!
10. prepping my interview with one of my favorite talented ladies for tomorrow's design*sponge column!


Cindy said...

Lovely idea for a post! Great list.

April said...

gorgeous image - yay colors!

if i organize any more I think i might explode or something, it's really the massive amount of junk that i hoard that i need to get rid of, not sort! haha!


Jaderbomb said...

Oh this post makes me smile!!

Anonymous said...

I love that you are posting your gratitude, will it be a daily practice? I write down my gratitude each morning in my journal and usually tweet one thing a day. Great post, great start to the ny!

Anna said...

yes. I might have to cop this idea.

Luella and June said...

these are great resolutions! I just posted mine... I'm going to be grateful too! Best one yet. Check them out here. www.luellajune.blogspot.com

DENISE. said...

Love this post! Where did you find that gorgeous watercolor chart? Yum!

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