Monday, May 31, 2010

southern summers...

today i am grateful for...

my first real vacation in a looooooooong time. we loaded up my brother-in-law's truck and journeyed out to alabama for a memorial weekend at lake martin. while i was there, i crossed off some summer to-dos. here is how i began a good start to a southern summer...

hammock time 2

hammock time
1. made a dent in my summer reading, on a hammock, underneath the poplars, oaks, and hickory trees.

2. witnessed spectacular sunsets(and thunderstorms) from our little cove.

3. fed some breadcrumbs to a family of geese, and collected a few fallen feathers.

red clay roads
4. collected dirt samples from the terracotta red clay back roads leading to our cabin.

lightening bugs
5. captured a few lightening bugs in a tiny, hinged mason jar.

children's church
6. scoured a little alabama church thrift shop with my mother-in-law.

gardenia bush
7. grilled most of our meals outside, next to a sweet-smelling gardenia bush.

i also managed to get tugged behind the boat on a tube. freckled all over. nearly stepped on a baby copperhead snake. weighed down my pockets with lake stones. witnessed the mimosas and crepe myrtles explode all over georgia and alabama. visited chimney rock and goat island, on an evening boat ride, courtesy of my father-in-law. and lounged, loafed, dawdled, and dilly dallyed all weekend long.

it was a perfectly lovely beginning to the summer. what is your recipe for summer?


Marinka said...

this place looks really nice..I like your pictures..I don't know why but that deep red terracotta reminds me of the soil in africa : )

Amelia said...

looks like such a dreamy trip! i love all the photos but the light bugs and the sunset are especially lovely.

love from amelia of la ville inconnue

Angela and Mike said...

Sounds like an amazing getaway. I'm lifting my mason jar of lemonade in honor of Southern summer fun!

Elizabeth said...

That's the lake we go to. My family was out on the boat this weekend. I have spent many hour looking at Chimney Rock and Goat Island. It is the best lake in the world.

Emerson Merrick said...

Oh Lolita. So happy to see you're starting the summer off right.

Also have another book recommendation for you. My life in France by Julia Child. Totally up your spirit eater's alley. It's a divine summer read, Julia and Paul are so romantic and wonderful together. If you haven't read it, you MUST!

stephany said...

southern summers sound lovely!

hayliebird said...

Oh Ginny- Your life is just dreamy... straight out of a movie! I am in love with these photos and of the ones of you and ed below- you guys look so happy, so healthy. I miss you dearly and this post makes me want to move back to Georgia desperately!! xo

"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

thanks haylie bird, i NEVER thought i'd say this-but i dig southern summers more than nyc ones. time slows down so much, i love it.

however, the first real snowfall in nyc will make my heart long for new york. most definitely.

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