Friday, May 21, 2010

little by little...

gradually pulling this home together, bit by bit.

clipboards and aprons

i'm terrible though. i haven't even hung anything on the walls, other than my kitchen door. chalkboard paint is quite helpful when you don't own a calendar.

gardening station

gardening station 2

i'm mighty grateful i live so close to hastings garden center. i'm slowly, but surely greening my life. this little table is my flower/plant station.

table setting

ikea is great for silly things like wooden hangers, cheap dishtowels, and canning jars.

white flowers 2

white flowers 1

and my milk glass collection on the windowsill cheers up my kind of drab kitchen.

playing house is pretty fun. having the space to do so is also pretty wild.


hannah and landon said...

It looks incredibly charming!

Twila said...

This is adorable!!


kiki said...

Wow, this flower station is quite dreamy! I love your milk glass bottles!

Marinka said...

this flower station is really cute..I love you photos they are nice

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