Friday, May 21, 2010

picture this...

today i am grateful for...

attending my first atlanta estate sale! ooh la la looky at the loot!

baby picture
i can't resist piles and piles of old photographs. this was the first time that i found atlanta families.

peach tree st
marietta st
looking at the names of the atlanta photography companies of yore. kuhn and gardner? really?! attention, calling john g. and paige to the aisle of forgotten ancestral pictures!

colors 2
the pileup of colors are pretty scrumptious too.

long haired victorian
victorian girl 2
victorian girl
these gals knew how to dress back in the day! and their updos rock my socks off. as soon as this mop of mine grows long again-just you wait!

my darling
the backs of the photos had the names written down, and some had affectionate little sayings.

new paintings
and i managed to scrounge up some more decrepit paintings to add to my future gallery wall.

methinks i might have a new addiction.


luna loves you...somewhere else. said...

wow, what finds! where was this?
i haven't come across an estate sale like this in atlanta yet...

revesdargile.canalblog said...

Humm quel magnifique blog, découvert grâce à Fine BESSOT, j'y reviendrai !!

A plus tard

these leaves are my heart said...

wow. wow. these are amazing!!!! such beauty....

Tess said...

What a lovely haul you have there! And my oh my, PEACH TREE STREET. I am moving to that street this instant.

I wish I could wear my hair that poofy and tussled.

John G said...

WHOA that is so weird. I have to tell Paige about it when she gets home.

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