Saturday, May 22, 2010

belated birthday shopping...

today i dragged my husband to chamblee antique row under the guise of "finding stuff for our walls"...which is true...and we did...but there's no harm in picking up a few steals is there? i came home with some practical old scrubbing brushes, stripey paper straws, vintage 5 lb dumbbells, an armful of empty picture frames, and...

victorian blouse

victorian blouse 2
little ladylike things, like this darling blouse. sewing construction just ain't what it used to be.

blouse details

bone buttons

blouse tie

whitework cording embroidery, boning in the collar, bone mother-of-pearl buttons, hand sewn lace collars, and tee-tiny pintucks. it would take me the better part of a whole year to sew a shirt like this! and it was less than $10, so i don't feel badly at all about it.

pocket knife necklace

necklace chain

this pocket knife necklace. the original chain is far more charming than the clunky black strand i added to it. i prefer long, dangly necklaces so i needed to give the necklace a bit more length.

embroidery hoops

embroidery hoops 2

and a boatload of embroidery hoops. i'm a total sucker for metal ones, oddly-shaped hoops, tee-tiny ones, and cloth-bound hoops. i do actually embroidery often and i think some might make nice wall frames, no? i swear these won't go into a pile of unloved props of mine. these will have a purpose!

i didn't really do much for my birthday, on account of moving and whatnot. so i've allowed myself to spend a little belated birthday funny money on myself. okey dokey, enough justifying for one day. my new sewing machine is calling my name and i have a million projects around the house to finish! hope y'all have a lovely and productive weekend!


Tess said...

You deserve all of the belated birthday shopping in the world. :) I love everything here.

Suzanne said...

That top is very lovely!

Anonymous said...

Don't you miss NYC at all?

"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

i do, of course! i usually just don't blog about my laments, grievances, or the things that make me sad/mad. i try and focus on the bright side, but i definitely miss a lot of things about new york-mainly my friends.

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